HOLLY HILL MURDERS: Victims’ families react to guilty verdict for suspects

ORANGEBURG, SC (WOLO) — For more than SIX years, the victims’ families from the Holly Hill quadruple murders in 2015 have been waiting for justice.

Last night in a courtroom in Orangeburg, justice came as three suspects received multiple life sentences for the murders.

“One word, 18 times, that we wanted to hear. Guilty,” said Orangeburg Sheriff Leroy Ravanell. “For 3 individuals who decided to commit a crime that made no sense.”

Judge Ed Dickson sentenced Robert Bailey, Antly Scott and Luther Smith to five life sentences in prison plus 30 years. A jury found the three guilty of four counts of murder as well as charges of 1st degree burglary and attempted murder.

“Being in court for the last two weeks, everything had come back up fresh. I began to get sick just sitting there looking at them,” said Mary Perry, victim’s grandmother.

The three suspects were involved in a drug related shooting that killed 14-year-old Tamara Perry, 17-year-old Shamekia Sanders, 28-year-old Krystal Hutto and 50-year-old Jerome Butler.

Butler’s sister says she is sad that her father did not get to hear the verdict. He passed away 3 years ago.

“He didn’t get to see this day but I know he’s looking over us smiling and saying ‘Yes, justice is served today for Jerome,’” said Butler’s sister, Charlotte Sumpter.

The quadruple murders took place more than six and a half years ago at a house on Old State Road in Holly Hill. However, the victim’s families still remember their loved ones.

“Jerome was a loving person. He wouldn’t harm a fly,” Sumpter said.

Tamara Perry’s mother and grandmother remember a talented young lady who was taken from them too soon.

“She was very talented. Singing, talented, cheerleader, A-B student,” said her mother, Alexis Perry. “All the kids looked up to her. Her siblings miss her daily.”

“Jokes. Watching her dance. She had a beautiful voice for singing. Going to church every Sunday and getting the biggest burger at Hardee’s after,” recalls Mary Perry.

Dreamzz Nelson was shot but survived the July 2015 incident that continues to haunt the victim’s families.

“I’m beginning to heal again but it hasn’t been easy,” Mary Perry said. “It hasn’t because they will never come back you know.”

“I’m glad this is over so we can go on with our lives,” Sumpter said.

Another suspect, Derrick Coleman, is also facing the same charges. He will be tried separately from his co-defendants due to serving as a witness in their trial. 

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