Consumer News: More products shrinking in size in response to inflation, tips to save money while traveling

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CNN– Have you ever opened a bag of chips only to realize half that bag is full? Well get ready to start seeing a lot more of that, and not just with chips. More and more products are skrinking in size and quantity, from slimming down toilet paper and fewer cookies in the bag to less conditioner. Retail industry experts say record levels of inflation are costing companies more to produce all kinds of items, so they can either raise their prices or just give you less. As frustrating as it is for consumers, just know hiking prices is a last resort for companies because they know you’ll notice and it could hit the demand for their product.

ABC NEWS– Between rising oil prices, gas prices and now even some airline ticket prices, your spring and summer travel plans are likely to cost the family more than you planned to spend. ABC’s Gio Benitez has some tips on when to book those vacations and how to save some cash at the same time.

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