Anti-Gun Violence Walk around downtown Columbia

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – A large group of Benedict College students held an Anti-Gun Violence Walk around campus Tuesday, March 16th. A simple walk sending a loud message, reminding the community to put down the weapons and to remember those lost.

“My daughter was kidnaped by people she knew and driven 46 minutes into the woods and gun down profusely,” says Saleemah Graham-Fleming who is the mother of Sanaa Amenhotep. 

15-year-old Sanaa Amenhotep was murdered last year. Graham-Fleming telling the crowd of students to take responsibility for the company they keep. “Do not put your parents in a position where they have to bury you.”

Local law enforcement agencies walking alongside students to show their support. Benedict senior Kaitlyn Hopkins says the walk does not only brings awareness but helps people remember the forgotten.

“I always think back to my siblings that it could be them, it could be one of my sisters, one of my brothers, and how a life lost is a tragedy at any time no matter the age. Its hard because its a life lost they had a path, they had a journey, and it’s sad to see that they can no longer continue,“ says Hopkins

During the walk, one by one students lifted their voices high hoping to spark a change. 

“ If it’s anything you want to take away from here is the ‘art’ of making it – acronym Accountability, Responsibility, and Trust. We need it to collectively restore what has been lost in our communities,” says Graham-Fleming.

Student Jordann Simons speaks to those who might not know a life outside of violence. ”Just reflect on yourself because violence isn’t always the answer, there are other ways you can solve things. Communication is very important, put down your weapon.”

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