RCSD introduces new gun safety initiative in partnership with local pawn shops

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott introduced a new gun safety flyer for the community Wednesday. The sheriff says he was contacted by owners of local pawn shops asking if he had any materials on gun safety tips they could distribute.

Gun owners will now receive a flyer with six safety tips, including buying a gun lock and gun safe, as well as keeping them away from children and teens.

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Courtesy: RCSD

Sheriff Lott says this is a reminder for new and previous gun owners to be smart with their guns.

“I try every way I can to get information out about taking guns from those who should not have them and making it safe for those who can. This is another way to remind new and previous gun owners to be smart with their guns. Don’t leave your weapon in a vehicle for someone to steal. Don’t leave your weapon where it can be accessible to kids. Help us keep the guns off the streets and away from the young people who are endangering their lives and others,” said Sheriff Lott.

Sheriff Lott says residents in the community reached out to him after the recent shooting death of a 14-year-old in which another teenager is charged.

“This began as a way to reach new gun owners and ensure that they are being safe with their firearm,” Sheriff Lott said. “As it developed, we had more instances of gun violence in our community and the idea has taken off.”

A gun safety video will also be sent to all Richland County schools, after deputies have seen a rise in gun violence and possession among teens in the Midlands.

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