Eyes on the ground, in the sky & behind the scenes: Myrtle Beach Police prepared for CCMF

By Emma Parkhouse (WPDE)

The countdown to this year’s Carolina Country Music Fest is on!

With less than 24 hours away from the gates opening, and as attendees prepare for a fun weekend, local law enforcement is preparing for a safe one.

ABC15 News spoke with Myrtle Beach Police and they said they’re ready for any event this weekend.

Preparations for CCMF 2022 (Credit: Emma Parkhouse / WPDE)

Master Cpl. Thomas Vest said the entire Myrtle Beach Police Dept. along with SLED, Myrtle Beach Fire and EMS teams will be working throughout CCMF weekend.

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“Everyone’s here to have a good time and it’s going to take all of us to make sure that happens,” said Vest.

He said they have eyes in the sky, on the ground and behind the scenes.

Preparations for CCMF 2022 (Credit: Emma Parkhouse / WPDE)

He explained, “Anytime you have a major event like this it involves emergency responders from every side so for the police say we’re focused on security and safety. The fire department is focused on fire safety, medical events and then we have emergency management, is an umbrella over everybody. So all three of those divisions are out here working to keep everybody safe.”

While their security measures will be very similar to last year, he said most of the planning was done months in advance, keeping their main priority the same – safety for everyone over the weekend.

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“The security plan has several layers,” he said. “Obviously, the most visible are all of the officers inside and that’s going to be your first resource if you need anything. On top of that, we’ve got several other layers of security that you won’t see and that’s done intentionally to keep everybody safe.”

Myrtle Beach Police will be posting safety updates and information throughout the weekend on their social media platforms.

  • Myrtle Beach Police Department Facebook
  • Myrtle Beach Police Department Instagram
  • Myrtle Beach Police Department Twitter

Vest said during CCMF, if you need police assistance, go to any nearby officer, but there will also be a team of officers wearing bright yellow shirts for easy visibility in the crowds.

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