Consumer News: Where gas prices currently stand in the Midlands, SC Motor Fuel User Fee to go up 2 cents next month and more

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COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– W​e know the pain at the pump is getting even more painful nearly every day, but how much more are you really spending on gas? GasBuddy says drivers in the Midlands are paying an average of $4.55 a gallon this evening. Thats nearly 15 cents more than just last Monday and 43 cents more than one month ago. GasBuddy tells us, on June 13 of last year, Columbia drivers were paying $2.71 a gallon. That’s almost a $2 difference. On this day in 2020, you were paying just $1.86 per gallon.

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Palmetto State drivers can expect for gas to get even more expensive come July. For the sixth consecutive year, South Carolina’s Motor Fuel User Fee will increase at the pumps starting July 1. Drivers will now pay an additional 2 cents more per gallon, raising the current fee of 26 cents to 28. The Department of Revenue says the fee helps support roads, bridges and infrastructure construction. The 28 cent per-gallon fee beginning this July will be permanent, but officials advise you to save your gas and car maintenance receipts as a credit to help offset the increase on next year’s taxes.

ABC NEWS– As everything we’re paying for is consistently getting more expensive across the board, a new work week brings new concern about inflation. Prepare yourself now to see even higher interest rates coming this week, and more worries on Wall Street. ABC’s Veronica Miracle has the latest.

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