ON THE ROAD: Healing water brings locals and visitors to sacred land near Blackville

BLACKVILLE, SC (WOLO) — On long road trips and hot days, it’s good to drink a lot of water.

Just over the Orangeburg County line in Blackville is free water.

“I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I’m all the way out here visiting my mom and sister. They’re from Greenville, South Carolina,” said visitor Chavonia Pratt.

They drove more than 2 hours to a place outside Blackville and behind a church known as God’s Acre Healing Springs

The last property owner of the place deeded the land to the Almighty, making it available for everyone.

“We’re spiritually inclined so we knew to come here,” Pratt said. “My sister researched and we knew this was a place we wanted to come and visit.”

They brought tubs to collect the water that comes from pipes in the ground. The water is well-known in the area.

“It’s good water. You drink it nice and cold, it’s good,” said Blackville resident Roger Jenkins.

“It has natural minerals in water. It has healing properties and has been known to heal ailments in your body,” Pratt said.

The story of the healing water dates back to the Native Americans and the Revolutionary War.

“Brutally wounded soldiers were told to come here and drink the water and it would give them healing strength. They did and were able to continue fighting on,” Pratt said. “You will see a lot of people coming here to get the water. We’re going to bathe in it, drink it and make tea with it.”

Tales of the water’s healing properties can be found by speaking to locals in Blackville as well. Jenkins remembers injuring his ankle years ago and his visit to God’s Acre.

“I rode my bicycle down to the Healing Springs and washed my foot in that water. Later, I was good,” the Blackville resident said.

There is also a Healing Springs Country Store you can visit when it is open.

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