Two non-profit organizations team up to help end gun violence

"Building Better Communities" and "The Sally R. Brasley Foundation" want to be positive forces in the community

Columbia, SC (WOLO)  — Two local non-profit organizations are teaming up to help stop gun violence while giving back to the community.

Perry Bradley and Roy Brasley are determined to help stop gun violence and give back to the community. Bradley is the founder of “Building Better Communities” and Brasley is the founder of “The Sally R. Brasley Foundation.”

Both work together with the same goal in mind–to end gun violence, and be positive influences for the community. “We need to believe in our community and we need to give them back hope. And that’s what this does. It gives them back hope,” said Bradley.

“Building Better Communities” will hold its 2nd annual “Gun Violence Prevention Summit” this Friday through Sunday, with Sheriff Leon Lott, Mayor Daniel Rickenmann and Dr. Charles Austin as guest speakers. The summit will provide training on alternatives to gun violence, suicide prevention, and community policing. It will also have youth panel discussions.

“This shows how we’re going to combat gun violence. Everybody has their idea of what they believe and how they can fight gun violence but to be honest with you, we have to educate ourselves first and foremost and go into the community and see what they really need,” Bradley said.

The Sally R. Brasley Foundation is holding its “Christmas In July” event this week, giving away free clothing to families, teachers, and first responders in need.  First responders can come this Friday morning at 9 a.m. to choose items they want–for free. Brasley asks that responders only bring a form of identification with them.

“If you just give a person something out of the love and kindness of your heart, it kind of just softens their heart. You know what I’m saying? If they have something negative going on in their lives, you’d be amazed at how stress in your community around you impacts what you have going on. So if the community comes together and says we love you and we care for you here’s something to take home to make you understand we know what you have going on, it may change the fate of someone’s life that very night. You just never know,” Brasley said.

“Building Better Communities” also has an African American history museum available inside Dutch Square Mall. The museum is open during regular mall hours.

Bradley’s hope is that by educating visitors on African American history, young people in particular will be inspired to make a positive impact within the community. “A lot of things we do behind the scenes people don’t even know about. Because we don’t do it for credit. We just do it. We don’t do it for likes. We just do it because. It’s in my heart…and his too,” said Brasley.

According to, there were 20,923 deaths due to gun violence, excluding suicides, in 2021.

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