Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Plaza unveiled in Winnsboro

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — A memorial plaza dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was unveiled in Winnsboro today.

Fairfield County Council members and local community attended the ceremony. Fairfield Central High School’s orchestra was also there to provide music and singing for the event.

Before the statue was unveiled,  those in attendance were reminded of the importance of Dr. King’s legacy.

“It is a day for our community to come together, to recognize our differences, and create a new path of respect, dedication of shared goals, and aspiration,” says Fairfield County Council Vice Chair Shirley Greene.

“Dr. King inspired and continues to inspire us to believe we can build a community of care, justice, equality, and unity,” says Fairfield County Council Chair Moses Bell.

“It is up to us gathered here today to continue Dr. King’s work and the example of how he lived his life,” says Mayor John McMeekin of the Town of Winnsboro.

“We’re here to remember why it was necessary for Dr. King to do what he did — to lead the movement that he lead,” says Rev. Dr. Robert Scotland of Shiloh First Presbyterian Church.

Bell also explained that the site of the new plaza holds its own significance, saying, “This facility is the old Mount Zion institute. Again for some it represented tradition and history, but to others it meant segregation, exclusion, and those type things.”

Deputy County Administrator for Fairfield County Synithia Williams says the new plaza will help mend Fairfield County’s past and bring the community together.

“I think it means a lot to the community especially considering this location where you have so much history here that has been divisive in the past. This is a good way to bring the community back together. It’s a great day in fairfield county showing how we’re all trying to come together and keep moving fairfield forward,” Williams says.

The new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Plaza is located on 250 North Walnut Street in Winnsboro.

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