Forest Acres community helps flood victims

COLUMBIA,  SC (WOLO) — When catastrophic flooding hit eastern Kentucky in July, much of Letcher County, Kentucky experienced heavy damage.

Members of the Forest Acres community and the Forest Acres Police Department came together to help.

A Forest Acres resident saw Letcher County Police Department’s social media posts about the devastation and contacted city officials to see what could be done to help.

City of Forest Acres Councilmember David Black says the decision to help was an easy one, adding, “It was just one of those kind of no brainer things for us over here in Forest Acres.”

Councilmember Black reached out to the Forest Acres Police Department, which then decided to donate one of its squad cars to Letcher County. The car was initially headed to auction.

Donahue’s Auto and Transmissions repaired the car for free, making it like new for its future owners.

FAPD also decided to fill the squad car with donations and reached out to the local community. Donations from community members, churches, and schools came pouring in.

So many donations came in, that a U-Haul was needed.

“It was a good problem to have, says Councilmember Black.

U-Haul provided a free rental truck to transport the donations.

When Timmerman Middle School Director Tracy Sutherland heard that Letcher County needed help, she took action.

“It was that day that I sent an email out to our parents and they just answered the call very quickly,” says Sutherland.

Timmerman students and community members donated baby clothes, food, toys, and some of their own clothes and shoes.

“It feels really good, especially when you’re thinking about how happy those people will be when they have this stuff, says 7th grader Kami Penn.

“It’s gonna be like Christmas for them,” says 8th grader Townsley Rivers.

“We’re happy and proud that we’re gonna have the opportunity to help pay this forward to people who helped us back in 2015 when we had the flood in Forest Acres. It’s a great opportunity. We’re proud of our citizens who chimed in,” says FAPD Chief Don Robinson.

The donations and squad car were handed off to members of the Letcher County Sheriff’s Office in Asheville, North Carolina, before heading to Kentucky.

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