SC House fails to agree on amended Abortion Ban Bill

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — No further restrictions on abortion in the state of South Carolina have been made for now.

After amending an Abortion Ban Bill (H.5399), the Senate sent it back to the House for approval.

“We came back to pass a law to advance the cause of life in South Carolina,” said Rep. John McCravy, a Republican from Greenwood.

 McCravy believes that House Bill 5399 does just that.

“The bill was the product of debate and legislative compromise in this body. It included exceptions for the life and bodily health of the mother and through compromise, exceptions for sexual assault,” McCravy said.

Even with exceptions, many Democratic lawmakers were against any form of an Abortion Ban Bill including Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter.

“All that love you have for the fetus is what I want to see for these children once they’re here in marginalized families and communities,” said Rep. Cobb-Hunter, a Democrat from Orangeburg. 

Tuesday, Cobb-Hunter offered strike and replace amendment  that would allow voters to decide on whether abortions should be legal in the Palmetto State.

“There are some state legislatures like Kansas which have said ‘Let the voters decide,’” Cobb Hunter said. “What’s up with y’all? Do y’all not trust the voters nowadays? These are the same voters that elected you.”

While McCravy was against Cobb-Hunter’s idea of leaving the issue to voters, he was also against the amendments made to the bill by the Senate.

“Without commenting on why the Senate did what it did, we received a bill that completely struck all the carefully crafted language of H.5399,” McCravy said.

By a vote of 11 to 95, the House rejected the bill as amended by the Senate with McCravy calling it too similar to the Fetal Heartbeat Bill. That bill is currently challenged by the state supreme court until it decides whether it violates a woman’s right to privacy.

Now, the legislature can meet as a conference committee to come to a compromise or simply let the bill die until next session.

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