Cayce connects community through art

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)— You may have noticed that buildings are looking brighter and more colorful in Cayce lately.

The bright murals and other art pieces are all apart of the City of Cayce’s plan to revitalize and connect the community through art.

In 2015, Mayor Elise Partin and seven other mayors from across the U.S. were invited to attend a national conference called “The Mayors Institute For City Design.”

It was there that Mayor Partin learned the term “previtalization,” which she says is a process that means “the art of what’s possible.”

After returning from the conference, city officials developed a plan to throw (the now annual) “Soiree on State Street” each April, allowing artists to showcase their art indoors.

Through grants, the city continues to bring plenty of art outdoors as well.

Mayor Partin says all of the art installations help to attract new people, new businesses, and increase the property values of buildings in Cayce.

“Adding arts into our city is really vital. We know that arts is actually an economic development engine. We know that people want to come and see the murals or go into art galleries like we have right behind me. Those things are economic development engines,” says Mayor Partin.

Artist and Irmo High School Art teacher Kevin Pettit, says art pieces like his mural titled “Peacock” or “Mrs. Goodfoot” on Knox Abbott Drive are not only special to the artist but to the community as well.

“Any kind of public artwork makes your town look more cultural. Any great city in the world as long as you can trace mankind back, there’s been some kind of public artwork. I think that it’s indicative of the culture of a community if you have public artwork,” says Pettit.

The Cayce River Arts District predominantly on State Street, which is where the Cayce Town Hall used to reside, has an Art Lot open to the public.

The Art Lot is located at 1908 State Street. “Peacock” is located at 917 Knox Abbott Drive.

Most all of the murals within the attached video are located on or just off of State Street in Cayce, at the corners of Frink Street, Poplar Street, and Railroad Avenue.

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