“Your Fair Your Army” allows fairgoers to interact with soldiers, equipment

When you think of the SC State Fair, you probably think of all the fun rides and delicious food.


When you think of the SC State Fair, you probably think of all the fun rides and delicious food.

Fairgoers also have a chance to meet soldiers from the Army National Guard and get an up-close view of some of the Guard’s equipment through the fair’s “Your Fair Your Army.

Located inside the Ruff Building, soldiers are available to answer any questions you may have about the equipment, or the National Guard.

Staff Sergeant Sean Delaney-Gesing says the fair is a great way to showcase the capabilities of the guard, and to meet people that might be interested in joining the military one day.

“Really what we’re looking at now is the next generation coming up. And that’s really our focus because they are the future of the military, because at some point we’re going to have to take off the uniform and we’re looking for those individuals who are looking to serve not only their state but their country as well,” says SSGT Delaney-Gesing.

An array of tanks, vehicles, and a TALON tracked military robot are available for an up-close view.

“(The TALON robot) is one of the things that we brought out along with other equipment. It really showcases a lot of different opportunities. Not just traditional opportunities you think of like combat opportunities, but also engineering,” says SSGT Delaney-Gesing.

“Turnout has been great. Families, kids, they seem to love it. They’re getting hands-on with the equipment and getting to ask questions and meet with personnel that they might not be able to meet with all the time, so yea it’s been great,” says SSGT Michael Asher.

Soldiers from the Army National Guard. the Army, or the Army Cadet Command are available during regular fair hours.

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