SC lawmakers fail to agree on proposed Abortion Ban Bill ahead of Election Day

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — After the South Carolina House and Senate failed to agree on one abortion ban bill last month, it seemed that the bill might die.

Tuesday, six lawmakers met for a conference committee to try to come to a compromise. The committee is made up of three representatives and three senators.  

The committee heard two different proposals that try to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of the abortion ban bill. 

“It is clear to me that the Senate does not have the votes for a ban earlier than six weeks,” said Sen. Shane Massey at the beginning of the committee meeting.

Last month, the Senate added exceptions to the House version of the abortion ban bill. The House rejected this version. Republican representative John McCravy saying that he hopes to improve upon the Fetal Heartbeat Bill. 

“A new law that recognizes life from conception. The whole idea of our ad hoc committee from day one was to work toward a bill that South Carolina could accept,” said McCravy.

McCravy’s proposal on Tuesday included language from both versions of the proposed bill. 

“It includes the Senate language exceptions for sexual assault, incest and fatal fetal anomaly,” the representative from Greenwood said. “Personally, I oppose exceptions.”

Republican senator Richard Cash also presented an attempt at a compromise. He says he kept most of the House version in his proposed bill.

“I have supported the House effort in any and every way that I can think of since that bill came to the Senate,” said Sen. Cash. “I continue to support that bill because I believe in protecting innocent human life from its earliest time.”

Democratic senator Margie Bright Matthews questioned McCravy about his proposed bill. 

Senator Matthews also said she had not time to look over the proposals in their entirety. 

“We’re just  getting it on our desk today,” Sen. Matthews said. “I think we need some time on this to give it fair evaluation.”

Senate majority leader Massey closed the conference committee meeting with the recommendation that the lawmakers come back next Wednesday to continue discussion. 

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