SC Good Samaritan Clinic granted $100,000 by Aflac

South Carolina's Good Samaritan Clinic was gifted a $100,000 CareGrant by Aflac

Nov 9, 2022 – CareGrant Park Bench installation, Columbia, SC. Photo by John D. Helms

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)—South Carolina’s Good Samaritan Clinic was gifted a $100,000 CareGrant by Aflac.

Officials say the aid helps support the organization’s mission of providing accessible healthcare to underserved communities.

In addition to the funding, a commemorative park bench was installed at Riverfront Park’s Columbia Canal. Councilman Howard Duvall was in attendance during the ribbon cutting event.

Data compiled by Aflac Care Index reveals that South Carolina is one of 11 states with residents experiencing the most medical debt exposure. They found 64% of respondents reported having savings less than or equal to their out-of-pocket maximum stated on their insurance.

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