SC reported as 7th most dangerous state for drunk driving by Forbes Advisor


With the holidays approaching, celebrations are here as well. However, celebrations can lead to party-goers getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated.

Sot: “You know if you’ve had too much to drink, definitely call somebody, call a friend, use a rideshare app such as Uber or Lyft. You can call a tow truck. Just anything, don’t make that poor decision to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle if you’ve had too much to drink,” says Lance Corporal Tyler Tidwell with the S.C. Department of Public Safety.

According to a report by Forbes Advisor magazine, South Carolina ranks as the 7th most dangerous state for drunk driving.

Regional Executive Director of North and South Carolina for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Steven Burritt, says unfortunately that statistic doesn’t surprise him.

“I wish I could say that it’s shocking but unfortunately SC has had this sort of history of high traffic fatalities and high drunk driving fatalities literally for decades to some degree,” Burritt says.

According to Burritt, South Carolina ranked 10th for the most fatalities in the country in 2020, ahead of a number of states with a higher population of citizens.

He wants everyone to think of families who are devastated by drunk driving fatalities especially during the holiday season.

“You can’t really emphasize enough what that means in terms of no goodbye, no chance to even know what’s happening, you just get hit with that news out of nowhere. And when it comes to the holidays, not only is it a difficult time but those holidays are ruined for the rest of their lives as well,” Burritt says.

Trooper Tidwell says the consequences of drunk driving are too great to take that chance, saying, “You can go to jail, you can get your vehicle towed, you have to miss out on work, you possibly have hospital bills if you are injured, you have to go to court, and worst of all you can actually kill yourself or somebody else. So that’s definitely the worst thing people have to deal with. But there are a lot of consequences to driving under the influence. And we just want to let everyone know it’s 2022. You know there’s so many options that people can take to avoid that — it’s just not worth it.”

Trooper Tidwell says if you see a drunk driver or someone under the influence while driving, you can call the South Carolina Highway Patrol at star-4-7 to help prevent an accident.

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