Orangeburg Dept. of Public Safety launches Tip411 app, allows anonymity from users


The Orangeburg Department of Public Safety is launching a new app to help residents connect directly to officers.

The new app is called TIP411  and is free to download. It lets users find information, view alerts, and submit anonymous tips from their phone.

To download the app, search for “Orangeburg DPS” in your smartphone’s app store.

According to Chief of Orangeburg Police, Charles Austin, once a tip is submitted, an officer will respond — creating an anonymous two-way conversation.

“We believe in strong community relationships. And we believe this certainly will be another step toward improving our delivery of services. And we believe that the new app will help us work closely to our residents in terms of making our community as safe as it can be,” says Chief Austin.

Chief Austin also says the new app was already planned before the city’s recent string of carjackings, and the search for missing  5-year-old Aspen Jeter and her father Antar.

But, he believes the app will help the department receive important information in situations such as these going forward.

City Council Member Liz Zimmerman Keitt says the new app will put citizens in touch with officers who might not have otherwise connected with them before.

“We always encourage our citizens to work close together. And when you do that, you get more done. And everybody will be safer. And that’s what we want. Safe, healthy living here in Orangeburg, which is such a beautiful place to live,” Zimmerman Keitt says.

According to Chief Austin, if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still message the department directly by sending a text message from the phone that you do have to the number 847411.

Chief Austin asks senders to include the letters ODPS along with your message.

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