Richland School District One placed on ‘Fiscal Watch’

Richland Co., SC (WOLO) — The Richland One School District is now on Fiscal Watch. Richland One officials say a former employee is responsible, and they have been turned over to law enforcement.

This latest news comes after an audit shows 22 occasions where money was used improperly and rules were not followed. The audit focused on a period from March of 2022 through August of  2022. During that period of time the audit found 426 statements, and nearly 4 thousand transactions, even though the audit did account for some exemptions.  Still, the damage done was enough that officials say had a significant impact on the district’s money situation.

According to outgoing State Superintendent Molly Spearman who notified the District Tuesday, she entered the declaration after finding things like using a card for personal purchases. Receipts were not turned in and card used by someone other than the cardholder. Things that were bought were sent to a home, instead of the office and several other counts.

The audit found from march to august of this year, nearly 3900 transactions went thru.
Richland one’s spokesperson responded, saying in part,

“The district appreciates those identified opportunities to improve; however, in our opinion, none of the findings were significant or rose to material impact….adding that “For 34 consecutive years, Richland One has received clean audits and no material audit findings.”

To see the Richland One School District’s statement in it’s entirety click on the link HERE

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