Midlands Cares: Reducing Holiday Stress

Tyler Ryan learns about methods to reduce Holiday Stress from MUSC Health's Morgan Mankins

ELGIN, SC (WOLO) – As much fun as the Holidays are, they also come with a good bit of stress between shifting routines, health concerns, and changes in diet, all of which can impact your overall health.

MUSC Health Family Nurse Practitioner Morgan Mankins joined Tyler Ryan on Midlands Gives to discuss some ways to help mitigate some of those impacts.  “It starts with your health,” Mankins says, “just because you have the sniffles, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily contagious…but if you are feeling bad or running a fever, I would stay home.”

She recommends that if you choose to get the flu and/or Covid vaccine that you make sure your boosters are up to date, and still be careful around your immunocompromised people, including babies and the elderly.

We all know that hosting Holiday events in themselves can bring a pretty good bit of stress, so Mankins says having guests bring some food or side dishes to help take the pressure off.  Speaking of food, she also reminds us to practice good health safety, including washing your hands, cooking food to the correct temperature, and not keeping leftovers around too long.  “Toxic family members” are among the people you might want to try and avoid, according to Mankins.

Trying to maintain your fitness or workout routine is another important thing to consider, says Mankins.  “Even just a little 15 minute walk in the afternoons or before it gets dark would be helpful.”

Something else that Mankins says is importance is to maintain a balance when it comes to enjoying all the Holiday food.  “depriving yourself of things that you love is your you’re just going to rebound and indulge excessively later if you deprive yourself of what you love for a long period of time” she says… “I think just small portions, and then don’t don’t overdo it stop whenever you feel full. And you know, make good choices.”

The balance is key, according to Mankins, when it comes to all of the cheer, family fun, food, and other aspects of the Holiday Season…in short, she says “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.”

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