Midlands woman shares importance of donating blood

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — As part of National Blood Donor Month, the American Red Cross is encouraging South Carolinians to roll up their sleeves for a good cause.

Blood donations have saved many lives in the Palmetto State, including here in the Midlands.

“January of last year, we saw our first ever national blood shortage with the Red Cross. This January, we are really trying to prevent that from happening again,” said Saskia Lindsey, American Red Cross communications manager.

Blood is needed for a variety of medical purposes. One Midlands resident needed blood after giving birth to her second child.

“After the C section, I developed severe internal bleeding and bled two liters of blood into my abdomen before anyone figured out what was going on,” said Lexington resident Dez Dearborn. “Before that, I kept getting blood transfusions.”

Dearborn says that those blood transfusions saved her life.

“I am so thankful,” she said. “I would not be here for my kids if people hadn’t donated. I will forever be appreciative.”

To help people in South Carolina who need blood, you can donate Wednesday at Flight Adventure Park at Sandhill off of Fashion Drive. 

“Definitely eat well before you donate blood and hydrate. It’s a really easy process and we take good care of you,” Lindsey said. “The process of giving blood is only about 10 minutes. From start to finish, it only takes about an hour.”

January is National Blood Donor Month, however blood donations are needed year round since blood can only be stored for about a month and a half.

“Only 3 percent of Americans are donating blood right now while 68 percent are eligible,” Lindsey said. “We would love to see those numbers go up.”

“I would encourage people to give because there is no synthetic substitute for blood,” Dearborn said. “If people don’t give blood, there is no hope for people like me who ended up in a bad situation.”

Wednesday’s blood drive at Flight Adventure Park lasts until 7 in the evening.

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