Suspect dead after hours long standoff with Lexington County Sheriff’s Department

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — A suspect is dead after an hours long negotiation situation with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Sheriff Jay Koon with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, the suspect barricaded himself in his home on Montclair Circle early Wednesday morning, after deputies arrived to execute two warrants they had issued on the suspect.

Sheriff Koon says the warrants were issued after the suspect was said to have pointed a firearm at his neighbors on June 8th.

According to Koon, when deputies arrived at the suspect’s home, the suspect refused to come out and began firing shots from inside his home.

Koon says the sheriff’s department deployed robots and drones to assess the situation. The suspect shot at the equipment as well.

As negotiation attempts continued, the suspect opened his door and pointed his weapon at deputies who fired at the suspect, shooting him in his lower jaw.

The suspect  made multiple posts on social media, giving personal updates from inside his home as the day played out.

Koon says the suspect went back inside and barricaded himself in his bathroom.

“We couldn’t get to him because he shut the bathroom door. There was no communication. When we were finally able to reach that door with a robot, we found him incapacitated. We sent a team in and confirmed that. EMS was on the scene. The coroner arrived and did pronounce him deceased. Obviously we will hear from Coroner Fisher and her staff on the cause of death and the identification of the suspect,” says Koon.

According to LCSD, the suspect was home alone as the events occurred.

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