American Idol hosting “Idols Across America” South Carolina auditions over Zoom Friday

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Are you the next “American Idol”? If your dream is to be a singer and a star, now is your chance to go for it!

ABC’s “American Idol” will hold its “Idols Across America” — South Carolina auditions over Zoom on Friday, August 4th.

Brian Robinson, Senior Supervising Producer, says South Carolina has always delivered on talent.

“South Carolina represents, and so we’re expecting a big turnout, hoping for some great talent, and hopefully the next American Idol comes from the Palmetto state,” says Robinson.

If you think you’re the next “American Idol,” go to to sign up.

Robinson says when you log onto Zoom tomorrow for your audition, contestants will first be in a main room with a producer and all of the other contestants.

Then, Robinson says contestants will be put into a queue and placed in an individual virtual room.

“So with the audition tomorrow, they’ll sing for a producer first. And if they advance tomorrow, they’ll actually be singing for one of our executive producers and that is the gateway to see the judges. So it’s a two-step process. Two auditions, and you could be in front of Katy, Luke, and Lionel — it’s that simple,” says Robinson.

And while they expect thousands of people to audition tomorrow, Zoom has streamlined the process.

“Typically not a lot of long waits anymore. We used to fill up stadiums with auditioners waiting in line, maybe camping out for days. Now you just get to be on Zoom, super easy, and fun to get to know people in this way,” says Robinson.

But as a producer, how does it feel to hold someone’s dreams in the palm of their hands?

“It does come with a little pressure. You don’t want to be the one to crush a dream, but we sort of think about it more as glass half full. So we’re looking to be the dream maker rather than the dream crusher,” says Robinson, who confirms that folks can sign up to audition right until auditions begin on Friday, and everyone who signs up will have their chance to sing for a producer.

“The door is open. Come here. Audition for us on “American Idol.” And your dreams could really come true,” Robinson says.

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