Author: CNN

Grounded Boeing jets costs major airlines billions in losses

(CNN) — The grounding of the Boeing 737 max jet is taking a toll on the pockets of some top airlines. American and Southwest airlines reported Thursday a combined loss of at least one-billion dollars and that number is only expected to grow. American has 24 737 jets in their fleet while Southwest has 31. Boeing hopes to get approved…

Rep. Tim Ryan is latest Democratic presidential candidate to drop out 2020 race

(CNN) — The Democratic field of Presidential Candidates is shrinking again. Representative Tim Ryan dropped out of the race Thursday. The Congressman from Ohio posted a video on twitter Thursday announcing he’s throwing in the towel. Ryan ran in the contest as a Moderate candidate, but his campaign never gained traction among mostly progressive voices. Ryan failed to raise enough…

Welcome to the Halloween Capital of the world

(CNN) — The scariest time of year is almost here, but for one town in Minnesota it’s also the best time of the year they recognize year round, and celebrate like Halloween is going out of style. Here’s the thing.  The residents say the celebration is an Anoka tradition, dating back centuries and it’s not going anywhere any time soon….