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Cancer patients 5 times more likely to die from coronavirus

Northen American and European researchers study cases from March to April

(CNN) — researchers are learning more about the risks cancer patients face if they become sick with covid-19. North American and European researchers who looked at data from 928 COVID-19 cases between the months of March and April say patients with advanced cancer were more than five times more likely to die from coronavirus. They also found that even if…

Sports venues test out ways to keep fan experience in play during pandemic

Fans can't pack stadiums because of the pandemic but sports will go on crowds or not

(CNN) — Large crowds may be a thing of the past for sports events, at least for the time being. But the temporary halt on crowded stands some sports venues are testing out ways to keep the audience experience in play even without an audience. Jeanne Moos has more. Categories: Digital Exclusives and Features

Crayola unveils new crayon collection represents global skin tones

The company says they created the product to give children greater sense of accepance

Image: Crayola /CNN (CNN) — Crayola has launched a new product aimed at cultivating a more inclusive world for children. The company released a new line of crayons designed to represent over 40 global skin tones. Crayola says it hopes its ‘Colors of the World’ collection will increase representation and foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance among children….

CDC releases new guidelines for safely reopening country

The new report gives detailed steps on how the country should reopen safely

(CNN) — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new guidelines for reopening the country. The 60-page report details the steps the u-s should take as it moves away from stay-at-home orders because of the pandemic. The suggestions include a detailed road map on how schools, restaurants, transit, and and child care facilities should safely re-open.The…

Official WH portrait unveiling of former President Obama ‘unlikely ‘

The time honored tradition may be scrapped as animosity between two Presidents continues

Image: CNN (CNN)—- An official portrait unveiling for former President Barack Obama at the White House isn’t expected to occur anytime soon as his successor, President Donald Trump, accuses him of unsubstantiated and unspecified crimes. NBC News first reported on the apparent end of a long tradition of first-term presidents hosting their immediate predecessor at the White House to unveil an official portrait….

Sam’s Club launches ‘sweet deal’ for graduating seniors

The warehouse is creating smaller cakes, for this year's smaller graduating celebrations

Image: CNN/Sam’s Club (CNN)— If you have a graduating senior, you are well aware 2020 has been completely different than most have ever experienced. As many people continue to navigate a new normal in the midst of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, some graduating seniors are trying to deal with the lack of celebratory ceremonies. The warehouse club,  which is typically…

Army salutes front-line workers fighting coronavirus

Members of the Army gathered online to create a musical tribute

(ABC News) — Military men and women know all too well the pressure and the stress associated with being on the front-line of a battle. This time, it was the members of the Army that came together online to salute other Americans who are working in the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) . ABC’s David Muir has more. Categories: Digital Exclusives…

Heinz ketchup creates a puzzle that will have you seeing red

if sheltering in place has left you searching for projects, here's a puzzle that may do the trick

Image: Heinz Ketchup (Twitter) (CNN) — -While some people continuing sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic, there are a few people that are running out of things to do to pass the time. If that sounds like you a new puzzle created by the makers Heinz Ketchup may be the missing piece some have been searching for. Heinz says…