Author: Grace Joyal

Scientists invent robot fish

BOSTON, MA (WOLO) – Scientists at M.I.T. have designed a robotic fish that can swim naturally alongside other fish while spying on them. “Sofi” is an 18-inch-long robot fish with a fisheye lens. The fish is made of a soft silicone rubber, flexible plastic and 3D-printed pieces. The quiet motor-powered tail copies the movements of real fish.   Categories: Digital…

Uber driver makes wrong turn down staircase

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (WOLO) – An Uber driver in San Francisco took a wrong turn and got his car lodged on a staircase outside a store on Monday. City police called it a “freak accident.” Uber said it’s looking into the incident – it’s not clear if the drive will be cited.   Categories: Digital Exclusives and Features Tags: San…

Police field call to wrangle roaming goats

ROSWELL, GA (WOLO) – Law enforcement near Atlanta had to respond to a different kind of call Friday. They responded to the scene where about 20 animals were roaming loose in a neighborhood. The goats, and one donkey, were supposed to be clearing a woman’s yard. Categories: Digital Exclusives and Features Tags: Atlanta, Georgia, goats, grass, lawn, Roswell

Bobcat shocks sightseers boarding boat

PITTSBURGH, PA (WOLO)  – An 18-pound bobcat played a cat-and-mouse game with a ship crew in Pennsylvania. The animal managed to sneak into a sightseeing vessel in Pittsburgh, just as hundreds of passengers were waiting to get on.       Categories: Digital Exclusives and Features Tags: animals, bobcat, wildlife