superhero 5k

Become a hero for a Midlands girl living with Sanfilippo syndrome Saturday at the Super Eliza 5K!

Saturday, you have a chance to lace up your running shoes and be a super hero for a Midlands girl. Eliza O’Neill is a young girl living with Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare genetic metabolism disorder that can lead to problems in the brain and nervous system. Friday morning, the Sanfilippo Foundation, headed up by Eliza’s dad, will hold a 5K Friday at 8 a.m. to raise money for treatment for Eliza and other children like her.

Watch: 5k to Save the Day for Midlands Girl

Columbia , S.C. (WOLO) — On Saturday, the Superhero 5k will be held at Saluda Shoals Park to raise money for a rare nerve disease that impacts hundreds of children, including Lexington County resident Jillian Nava. “She is wild, fun, crazy, very daring,” said Jillian’s mom, Carolyn Nava. “She likes to be like her older brother, Christopher, like a tomboy,…