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Electric Foil Ships Can Cut Emissions by 97.5%

A study done by Swedish scientists shows that emissions from ships can be cut by 97.5% by switching to boats that run on foils and use batteries to power them.  By using the foil technology, the boats essentially "float" above…

Rare Red Spiral Galaxies - from the James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Telescope is producing groundbreaking images, giving scientists a never-before look into how the Universe works.  The jaw-dropping pictures and details are explained in the following article - worth your time to read.

Potential Tropical Storm - in December

Sometimes Mother Nature doesn't know that the Hurricane Season is over - the official end date in the Atlantic is November 30th.  But once in a while a tropical storm gets going in December and this year might be one…

Hurricane Season Ends Today - A Look Back

Here's a tweet from the National Weather Service in Charleston:  @NWSCharlestonSC The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Officially ends today. Preliminary numbers indicate 14 named storms, 8 of which became hurricanes (including 2 major hurricanes). On average, hurricane season has 14…

Solar Power 10 Times Cheaper than Gas

A well-respected global energy analysis company has studied the cost of creating electricity in Europe. The conclusion? Over the long-run it's 10 times cheaper to install and run new solar panels than it is to continue to run existing gas-fired…

Record Snowfall in Buffalo Area

So how much snow did Buffalo get from the recent lake effect snow event?  A staggering amount!  The stadium where the Buffalo Bills play got 7 feet 8 inches of snow!  Check out the totals below. Updated lake effect snow…

EPA Trying to Cut Down on Methane Emission

The EPA is proposing to drastically reduce emissions of methane. Why? Methane is a potent greenhouse gas - it's 25 times more effective at trapping heat than the most abundant greenhouse gas - carbon dioxide.  So limiting how much methane…

We're Going Back to the Moon

It's been decades since the United States has been to the moon.  Well that's changing.  One of the first big steps in getting humans back on the moon took place last night with the NASA's launch of Orion - the…

Nicole upgrades to a Tropical Storm

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) - As of the National Hurricane Center's 10:00 AM Advisory, Nicole has become a Tropical Storm, after being classified as a Subtropical storm for over 24 hours. TS Nicole is traveling west at 9 miles an hour,…

U.S. Drought Level Breaks Record

@DroughtCenter keeps track of how dry things are across the United States. Here's their tweet.   The extent of #drought (D1-D4) across the Lower 48 may have contracted a little this week, but the extent of drought AND abnormally dry conditions…

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