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September 2019 Tied for Hottest September on Record

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says 2019 tied with 2015 for the hottest September on record globally. September averaged 60.71 degrees (15.95 Celsius), 1.71 degrees (0.95 Celsius) higher than the 20th century average. Temperatures on land were the…

Big Nor'easter About To Smack the Northeast

A powerful storm is developing off the northeast coast of the US. It will deliver very strong winds with gusts to 50 mph on from Wednesday night through Thursday night. Expect significant airport delays across New England - including Boston.

Renewable Energy Overtakes Fossil Fuel in UK

You might think that renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.) will never make a difference. Think again. In 2010, the use of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, etc.) were used 10 times more than renewable energy to create electricity in the…

Subtropical Storm Melissa Forms

A subtropical storm formed off the the coast of New England. So what's a subtropical storm? It's a storm that has characteristics of a tropical storm or hurricane, as well as having characteristics of a typical winter storm. So it's…

NASA Launches Satellite From a Plane

NASA launched a satellite tonight that will explore space weather. One interesting aspect of this one is how the satellite was launched. Instead of a rocket from the ground, the rocket was attached to the bottom of a plane. This…

Temperatures are Getting Hotter

As the planet warms, so does the United States. This graph shows the percentage of record highs vs. record lows for each decade since the 1920's. A dramatic shift is clearly seen starting in the 1980's.

Flash Drought in the Midlands

You're probably familiar with the term "Flash Flood." That's when flooding happens very quickly. A "Flash Drought" is when drought develops very quickly. It's been very dry and unusually warm - especially in the past month. To get back to…

4-Year Anniversary of South Carolina Flood

Today marks the 4-year anniversary of the South Carolina Flood of 2015. Hurricane Joaquin, located several hundred miles away, provided the moisture, as the storm dropped over 20 inches of rain in parts of the Midlands. 19 people died from…

Bright "Star" Next to the Moon

The bright "star" next to the moon tonight is not a star at all. It's the planet Jupiter. Although Jupiter appears to be close to the moon it's roughly 400 million miles farther away from the earth than the moon…

Fall Nights Are Getting Warmer

As the planet continues to warm, Columbia is getting warmer too. The overnight lows in the fall are not dropping as far as they used to. Here's a look a the average low temperature in Columbia since 1970. It shows…

Another Record High

Today didn't feel very much like the end of September. The record 99 breaks the old record for the date by a full 5 degrees! Look for plenty of 90's for the rest of this week, but cooler air is…

Record Heat Today

Today's high temperature reached 99 degrees. That broke the record for the date of 97 set back in 1984. If you're looking for some crisp fall weather, you're going to have to wait a while - at least a week.

Fall Starts Today

Today is the first day of fall. It's one of the two times a year when the sun shines directly over the equator. The other time is on the first day of spring, which generally happens on March 21.

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