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Winter Storm to Pound the East Coast

This year's first big winter storm is set to bury many cities along the east coast. It'll produce significant winter weather for over a 1000 mile stretch from the mountains of North Carolina all the way to Maine. The big…

Solar Power - Now Cheapest Form of Electricity

I often hear from folks that converting to renewable energy production would be too costly. Well, that's simply not true. It's cheaper. And it doesn't pollute the planet. So we really need to be doing this conversion as soon as…

Meteor Shower This Weekend

The Geminid Meteor Shower will happen this weekend and it's expected to be quite a site. Jamie Carter from Forbes writes: "What makes the Geminid meteor shower 2020 so special? In the late evening of Sunday, December 13, 2020 and…

Canada - Warmest Winter Night on Record

Meteorological winter is different from astronomical winter and refers to December, January and February. There are many reasons for this - one being that it's easier to keep track or records by month. Just a few days ago, Canada experienced…

November 2020 - Warmest on Record

The European Science Agency, Copernicus, has concluded that November 2020 was the warmest November on record. An excerpt from their report is below: "Globally, November 2020 was the warmest November on record, by a clear margin. For Europe, the month…

Electric Trucks Are Looking Good

@cleanenergywire says the following: "Battery-electric trucks will win race against #fuelcells and e-fuels – researcher @AukeHoekstra Cost advantages simply make them best business case for freight companies, Hoekstra explains in Clean Energy Wire interview" See the full article here:

GM No Longer Supports Trump California Lawsuit

In an about face, General Motors withdrew from a lawsuit that was initiated by the Trump administration. The lawsuit seeks to end California's right to set its own clean air standards. GM urged other automakers to pull out of the…

October - 4th Hottest on Record Globally

The numbers are in and October 2020 was the 4th hottest October on record globally. This 4th place spot for the month actually makes it the "coolest" month in 2020 so far. Each month in 2020 was at least in…

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