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Show Your Stripes

Today is the 4th annual Show Your Stripes Day. What is it, exactly? It's a visualization of how fast the earth is warming - created by professor Ed Hawkins, from the University of Reading. Blue stripes are cooler than average.…

Tropical Rain Today

The remains of Tropical Storm Claudette are blowing through the Midlands today. We'll see waves of heavy rain with accumulations from 1-3 inches. With that, some streets will become flooded. Expect thunderstorms - some strong ones, as well. As the…

Tropical Moisture Headed Our Way

Sunday is going to be soaking wet - courtesy of some tropical moisture moving in from the Gulf of Mexico. Plan on 1-3 inches (a few spots with higher amounts) from Saturday night to Sunday night. We'll also see some…

New Tropical Storm has Formed

Tropical Depression 3 has formed south of Houston. It's expected to strengthen to a tropical storm as it makes landfall west of New Orleans on Saturday. From there it's expected to take a right turn and head our way. It's…

Tropics Getting Active

And just like that the Tropical Atlantic Ocean is active with 1 storm and 2 potential storms forming over the next several days. Tropical Storm Bill, off the Virginia coast, is headed harmlessly out to sea. But the one that…

Southwestern US Drought is Getting Worse

The southwestern US is experiencing a severe drought. Here are few excerpts from a Robert Hart article in Forbes. "Water levels at Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the U.S. and a major water source for some 25 million people, sunk to the…

New Wind Technology - Could be a Game-Changer

A Norwegian company is producing a revolutionary wind technology, called Windcatcher. The pod of wind turbines stands roughly 1000 feet tall and one is capable of producing electricity for 80,000 homes. Windcatchers are a lot more efficient than traditional wind…

Partial Solar Eclipse on Thursday

There will be a solar eclipse this week, but you'll have to get up early and it'll be a bit hard to see. You'll need proper equipment and we'll also need the clouds to clear. It happens this Thursday morning…

Quick Read on the Cause of Global Warming

If you're confused about why the earth is warming, this is a good place to start. Dr. Robert Rohde, @RARohde, sums things up in a few tweets. It's worth your time to read. Here's the first in the series of a…

Earthquake Today Near Batesburg-Leesville

You may have felt some rumbling tonight in western Lexington County. Just before 7pm this evening, a 2.6 magnitude earthquake centered near Batesburg-Leesville, shook much of western Lexington County. No damage has been reported.

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