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Venus and Mercury near Crescent Moon

Over the next several nights, you'll be able to see Venus and Mercury just after sunset in the western sky. This picture from Earth and Sky shows the relative position of each through Saturday night. The complete article is here:…

Why Are Hurricanes Given Names

Hurricanes get names simply because it's easier for everyone to follow them. Before 1950, hurricanes were named according to their latitude and longitude. But this was confusing because storms move around a lot. The system we use today was adopted…

Saturn Easily Visible - if the clouds clear...

If you look near the moon tonight or tomorrow night just after sunset, the brightest object nearby will be Saturn. Let's hope at least some of the clouds clear out... Here's the complete article from EarthSky.org http://earthsky.org/tonight/moon-saturn-close-on-may-30-and-31

Alberto Will Deliver More Rain This Week

Alberto has made landfall near Panama City Florida with winds of 50 mph. As the storm slowly moves north, we will continue to see on & off rain through Thursday. Expect to see up to 2 inches of rain between…

First Tropical Storm Forms

Alberto is the first Tropical Storm of 2018. It's projected to move north over the next several days, with the center of the storm making landfall sometime on Monday along the Gulf Coast. On this track, the Midlands will see…

Drought Continues to Improve

As you might expect, all the recent rain has made a significant impact in our drought. These images show the change over the past month. As of today, the majority of South Carolina is no longer in any drought conditions.…

A Martian Helicopter

NASA is planning on using a small drone to explore Mars on when it sends its next mission their in 2020. There are lot of cool things about this mini helicopter. What's below is from Earth & Sky. "The Mars…

Drought Conditions Improving

All this rain has really helped out our drought situation. Check out these images from this week and a month ago. And with more rain in the forecast, this will undoubtedly improve next week as well.

Sea Level is Rising - Faster and Faster

Global warming is causing sea level to rise - at a faster and faster rate. Glaciers are melting at a faster rate and that water goes into the oceans. Also, the oceans themselves are warming and warmer water takes up…

Your Complete Guide to Cool-Looking Clouds

From an early age I was skygazer - always fascinated by clouds. Andrew Freedman does a very nice job describing and ranking his top 12 clouds in the following article. https://mashable.com/2018/05/06/cloud-types-ranked/?utm_cid=hp-n-1#ufv6RpoeYsqQ

America's Top Scientists Criticize Trump

More than 570 of America's top scientists have signed an open letter that is critical of how the Trump Administration dismisses scientific evidence, and denigrates and harasses scientists. The Statement to Restore Science-Based Policy in Government comes from members of…

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