SC EMD Warns of Post Hurricane Scams

COLUMBIA, SC (SCEMD ) –People affected by Hurricane Matthew should be aware of potential scams that could come in the form of emails, phone calls, text messages, and others. Scams of this kind are often times used against individuals in areas that have recently been affected by natural disasters such as Hurricane Matthew.

Keep the following tips in mind when fielding emails, texts, and phone calls:

 Do not reply to an e-mail, text or pop-up message that asks for personal or financial information. 

 Do not click on any links in an email or text message or cut and paste the link into your browser. 

  Do not call a phone number contained in the e-mail or text. 

 Verify the validity of the communication by contacting the organization directly, with contact information that you’ve found in the phone book or by going to the company’s website. 

  Use antivirus or anti-spyware software and a firewall. Make sure to update them regularly. Phishing emails may contain software that can harm your computer or track your activities on the internet.

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