Protect Your Family From a Silent Killer

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – With the temperature flirting with cold, the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) becomes greater, according to DHEC.  In fact, according to the state agency, carbon monoxide kills nine South Carolinian’s every year, in non fire related poisoning accidents.

State Fire Marshall Bert Polk says that the gas has no odor or color, which means that a potential victim will not even know they are being exposed, sometimes until it is too late.  Polk points out that the deaths related to CO come from extended exposure, usually while the victim is asleep, explaining that as long as you get out of the exposure area, you should have a full recovery.

Polk says that odors like car exhaust, which people commonly mistake as the smell of is actually a mix of other gases and processes in the combustion process of the engines operation.  “Although there is carbon monoxide in the mix of gasses, it’s not something you can smell,” he says.

Neal Marin from DHEC says that a Carbon monoxide detector offers a very simple way to ensure that you and your family are protected from a potentially dangerous CO exposure at home.

Martin and Polk also offer several tips to cut down on the potential exposure risk to carbon monoxide:

  • Do not use camping stoves or grills inside your house
  • Do not run cars in a garage that is attached to your home for a long period of time
  • Do not burn anything in a fireplace that isn’t vented
  • Do not heat your house with your gas oven

You can find more tips and information on carbon monoxide poisoning HERE.

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