Tips for Tax Free Shopping from Dept. of Consumer Affairs

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)–If you ready to bag a bargain during the tax free weekend, the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs has some tips for shoppers.

According to the SCDCA:
– Make a list and stick to it. Review the Department of Revenue’s (SCDOR) website for a list of items that are tax exempt as well as ones that are not. A list will help consumers save time and avoid impulse buying and overspending.

– Choose your payment method wisely. When shopping in a store, pay with cash if you have trouble sticking to a budget. If you prefer shopping online, a credit card offers more consumer fraud protections than a debit card. Make sure to pay the credit card bill on time and in full to avoid interest charges.

– Know the return policy. Review return and exchange policies before purchasing anything. Don’t be afraid to ask about the return policy if it’s not posted.
For more consumer tips, or to get assistance if you find suspicious charges or errors on your accounts visit or call SCDCA toll-free at 1-800-922-1594.

– Review financial statements carefully. Security breaches often happen during high traffic shopping times. Keep an eye on financial statements, ensuring there are no errors or fraudulent charges. If there are, dispute them immediately.

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