AAA reminds drivers to be on guard for price gouging

Columbia,SC (WOLO)— Just ahead of the Labor Day weekend, we reported that Gas prices were the lowest they have been for Labor Day weekend in three years

Less than a week later, as Hurricane Dorian churns closer to South Carolina AAA officials say the numbers are changing.

According to AAA officials on the same week, gas prices are cheaper in every state, expect four states that are starting to see a rise including Florida and South Carolina. Tiffany Wright, AAA Carolinas spokesperson says,

Hurricane Dorian is not threatening major gas infrastructure, but its impact has localized to the states along its path, including South Carolina,”….“While motorists across the country are seeing price drops, South Carolinians and those traveling through South Carolina to evacuate Dorian aren’t so lucky.”

AAA says South Carolina’s $2.24 average is up one cent on the week, but is likely sporadic from pump to pump along the coastline and what’s worse is those number may continue increasing.

Officials say they’ve already seen a shortage of gas supplies in Florida and we may end up seeing the same here in South Carolina and Georgia as we proepare for Hurricane Dorian’s arrival in the coming days. Much of that will depend on the weather prior to the storm’s arrival, fuel deliveries could be reduced, limiting fuel supply at local stations. Wrights says,

Some pumps could see price spikes around the Carolinas in the coming days as motorists flock to stations to top-off vehicles, potentially causing panic buying,”

Today’s national average is $2.57, which is a penny cheaper than last week, 14-cents less than a month ago and 26-cents cheaper than a year ago.

This afternoon, Attorney General Alan Wilson is scheduled to discuss this very issue to let drivers getting gas know that price gouging laws are in effect.

Stay with ABC Columbia News for updates on those laws what AG Wilson is asking the public to do to protect yourself from being a victim of it.

Below is a breakdown of prices by region:
Gas price averages across the nation can be found at
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