A look at Monday’s Protests in Columbia, peaceful protest at State House

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Tuesday, there were no planned organized events at the State House, although a few protesters took to the sidewalk, peacefully, holding signs.

On Monday the scene was different, it marked the third day of organized protest in Columbia, following the death of George Floyd.

ABC Columbia’s Maria Szatkowski covered the protests all weekend and into the beginning of the week.  Watch a recap of Monday’s events.

Monday afternoon around 2pm people gathered, many holding posters and signs saying “I can’t breathe”.

Some protesters were seen sitting on the lawn of the State House grounds, others standing holding up signs. Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin stopped by to sit down and talk with protesters at the State House.

Once again, there was a police presence, but many officers stood back from the protesters.

At one point, protesters were lying down “Today’s protest is totally different. It’s a “die in protest”, still with chants of “I can’t breathe” and “we can’t breathe.

Protesters on Monday staged a ‘die-in’, where they laid on the ground at the State House.
Organizer Lawrence Nathaniel says the peaceful protesting has been effective and the power of the crowd can make a difference.

Nathaniel adds Monday was the last day his group planned to be at the State House.

“Go home safely”.

Organizers say they’re setting up a Coronavirus fund to provide testing to anyone who attended the protests (protesters, police, etc.) as well as support for not being able to work because of potential exposure in the crowd.


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