For the Health of It: Beating Holiday Stress

Tyler Ryan tips on beating holiday stress from Hima Dalal


Temporary feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, in the pandemic of Covid-19, are acceptable if it does not interfere with your daily self-care.  It starts showing a decline in your physical and mental health.  You may find yourself overeating or under eating, avoiding taking medications, losing focus, and finding yourself on the edge of being irritable all the time.

It is time to get control over your physical and mental health and your social life.  Remember your health is important.  To have a happy, peaceful & joyful holiday, be creative.

  • Make sure you have some form of cardiovascular exercise daily.
  • Social gatherings are done through digital media. Keep safe distances from others when needed.
  • Accepting and managing emotion is going to be the biggest exercise.

In this pandemic, keep the following approach to stay healthy:

  1. Stay active.
  2. Avoid alcohol and drugs to overcome loneliness.
  3. Practice gratitude.
  4. Pay attention to your thoughts.
  5. Practice yoga.
  6. Walk or try to enjoy nature.
  7. Participate in guided mindful meditations to be peaceful and focused. You can join Mrs. Hima Dalal for free guided meditation session online.
  8. See your physical/occupational therapist virtually or in person to address your aches, pains, anxiety & PTSD – do not suffer.

. Do Not Suffer for  additional information you can contact Hima Dalal, OTR/L at


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