Governor McMaster delivers State of the State address to South Carolinians

COLUMBIA (WOLO): Governor Henry McMaster held his state of the state address Wednesday evening, with a focus on the state’s economy and education, following an unprecedented pandemic year.

Governor Mcmaster began his address to South Carolinians Wednesday with a mention of the budget, unemployment rates, and his plan to revitalize our state. “I propose that we cut our states personal income taxes. I am proposing that the general assembly allocate 500 million dollars into our state’s rainy day reserve fund.”

He spoke positively of the work South Carolinians have done over the last year, and says we’re in a stronger financial position than every state in the country. “Our reasonable steps of limited, measured, and temporary actions allowed us to combat the virus without crippling our economy.”

Education was also at the top of the governor’s list, as he plans to revisit a $3,000 pay raise for school teachers. “I’m proposing an appropriation of 35 million dollars to maintain the states financial commitment to funding our classrooms. This will allow school districts to resume all scheduled step salary increases for our teachers.”

Following McMaster’s address however, Democratic Senator Mia McLeod had different thoughts on his priorities. “How can you tout a strong economy, governor, when over 810,000 South Carolinians have already filed for unemployment?”

Senator McLeod also criticized the governor for his focus on the fetal heartbeat bill.

Governor McMaster said, “it’s time to vote, send me the Heartbeat bill and I will immediately sign it into law.”

The Governor also says he wants to boost police funding, expand broadband access to under-served communities, and provide more financial aid to state universities.

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