DHEC offering numerous free COVID-19 test sites across SC

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– State Health officials say testing sites in the Midlands and across the state, are set up for the month of January.

According to DHEC you can visit scdhec.gov/findatest for the most current information.

Officials with the South Carolina Department of Health are also urging anyone who is out in the community to routinely get tested.
According to DHEC, while testing is important, wearing face masks and social distancing remain key to preventing disease spread.

Free DHEC Testing
DHEC-sponsored testing is free, doesn’t require insurance, and results are available in 72 hours. DHEC’s testing options have expanded to include shallow nasal testing, an oral swab, or a saliva test at different locations. Pre-registering is recommended. Visit scdhec.gov/gettested.


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