Drive-thru fair food event back at SC State Fair this week

COLUMBIA (WOLO): From corn dogs and funnel cakes, to fries and turkey legs, the spring drive-thru fair food event has it all.

“You can just hop in your car, drive through the drive-thru, and have a little snippet of your fair food,” said South Carolina State Fair General Manager, Nancy Smith. 

It’s the State Fair’s first ever spring event. After a successful COVID-19 friendly drive-thru event in October 2020, this year, vendor’s have expanded their menus. 

“We figured let’s try and do an item that’s not very popular, that we don’t see very much of, and it’s roasted corn,” said vendor, Ryan Collmer.

“We did get some calls for our fried treats so you can come through and have a fried oreo, fried cookie dough, or fried cheesecake,” explained Smith. 

Believed to be the only locally family-owned food vendor at the spring fair this year, Daley’s Dogs has been in business since 1962.  Owner, Cliff Daley, says they were hit hard by the pandemic in 2020, and they’re happy to see people lined up taking part in what they do best.

“Last year we did the drive-thru and that was all that we worked. I’ve got three in college and one in high school. We depleted about all our savings. We’re very appreciative to have these opportunities,” says Daley. 

As more South Carolinians get vaccinated, vendors are hopeful for more opportunities like this event to get back to work. 

“A lot of our employees, they’re so excited to come back to work. They want to be out here. They want to be with the people. They want to serve the food to the people. They like to see the smiles on everybody’s face when you get them the good product,” Collmer said. 

“It’s starting to pick up. I think you’ve seen it in the restaurants as well. It’s truly a blessing for the food industry and all us who serve food because we’ve all taken a big hit.”

The fair will be open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m. until April 11th.

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