The Consumer in ME: Last minute ideas from Mom

Tyler Ryan shares and reviews a few last minute unique ideas for Mom - that you can even get on Amazon!

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you looking for something original for her, Tyler Ryan shared a few gadgets, gizmos, and ideas.  These items are also available on Amazon…in case you need to put a rush on it.

Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watchers – According to the manufacturer, these brushes have long, soft, floss-like, thin bristles that reportedly reach between teeth.  They are also infused with silver to eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on your brush.  My take:  They are very soft, yet feel like they give a great brush.  You can learn more here:

Baby Fire Pits – This is a great idea if you don’t have a large backyard or area for a full size bonfire.  They are made of copper and steel, and you can pick various decorations or colors to make it unique.  My Take:  I like the way it looks, but you will have to replace the sterno each time, however, I don’t them to be much different than buying wood at the grocery store.  You can learn more at

DNA Vibe – This product is designed to provide pain relief with infrared light and magnetic signals.  The manufacture says that “the treatment is FDA approved and uses safe levels of light to help with joint discomfort, circulation, and relaxation.”  My take:  I have tried it out several times, and when you mix the light with the vibration, it does seem to provide some positive benefits.  Check out more:

Stealth – This thing is designed to mix core strengthening, with some technology…ie video games on your phone.  The manufacturer says that the Stealth can increase the benefits of a standard plank by working “29 muscle groups.”  My take:  It certainly made me sore…but the gaming didn’t help me break my addition to games on my phone!  Check out more:

PatPat Sport Band – This company produces all kinds of unique lifestyle products for active people, children, and even babies.  I had the opportunity to try the calf sport bands.  They certainly provided some great compression during my leg workouts, and aren’t all that cost prohibitive. Check more HERE.

Buddha Board – So if you are into quiet times, and a break from staring at the computer, this is a cool idea.  Basically, you paint, using a brush and water, and as the white board dries, it slowly evaporates, leaving you with a fresh place to create again.  My take: I like the concept, and it is relaxing, however, if you create your masterpiece, a pro-tip would be to take a picture of it, as it won’t last long.  Very cool, though.

Lucyd – If you are tired of having earbuds stuck in your ears while you listen to podcasts, music, or on the phone, and want to be stylish, these Bluetooth sunglasses may be the ticket.  There are several of these type gadgets on the market, but according to the manufacturer, these are the only “smart eyewear to offer frames with professionally-fitted prescription lenses.”  My take:  I have always been skeptical of smart glasses like these, but that was without having tried them.  I found these to be pretty solid.  I could hear music, phone calls, and people could hear me too.  Here is more info: 

These are just a few ideas and a different spin something Mom might like.  I would love to hear your take on these products, or if you have found other cool things that the consumer in all of us should try.

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