Mayor Steve Benjamin introduces CLIMB program, offering guaranteed income to help fathers and families

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– South Carolina isn’t doing its dads any favors, according to a new study from The survey says South Carolina is the seventh worst in the country for working dads. The survey was based on factors like the number of men without insurance, day care quality and male life expectancy. Massachusetts had the top mark, while Nevada ranked as the worst.

Wednesday, Mayor Steve Benjamin announced a new program designed to help those working dads. The pilot program is called Columbia Life Improvement Monetary Boost or CLIMB. Beginning this summer, the City of Columbia will conduct the one-year guaranteed income program to provide $500 dollars unconditional payments every month to 100 specified participants selected by the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition.

“The CLIMB pilot project will explore one of the most promising tools for addressing poverty, inequity, and family instability: a guaranteed income. CLIMB’s guaranteed income monthly payments are intended to provide economic stability and uplift to families, which previous case studies have shown is pivotal to creating opportunities to escape systemic poverty, and also strengthen communities,” said Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. “By directly addressing financial insecurity through a guaranteed income, we can better empower fathers and families to invest in themselves and their children.”

This program seeks to determine the effectiveness of regular monthly payments to address financial instability, and subsequent effects in strengthening fathers and families.

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