For The Health of It: Treating an overactive bladder

Tyler Ryan and Doctor Andrea Pezzella discuss lifestyle changes and treatments that will help overactive bladder


LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) – Overactive bladder or urge urinary incontinence, is the involuntary loss of urine combined with the urgent need to pass urine, than can impact people of all ages.  The bladder muscles can contract too often creating an urgent need to urinate and is difficult to delay.

According to Dr. Andrea Pezzella from Southern Urogynecology Wellness & Aesthetics, overactive bladder is very common and can be treated to better your quality of life.

Dr. Pezzella says that lifestyle modifications can dramatically help overactive bladder including changes to your diet, weight loss and pelvic floor exercises.  The Doctor points out that if these changes, over time, do not help with your overactive bladder, other treatment options are available.

Treatments for overactive bladder, according to Doctor Pezzella, include non-invasive options like medications, pelvic floor therapy, and EmSella® chair sessions.  Treatment options can also include Botox® in the bladder and out patient surgeries/procedures.

It is important to speak with a specialist such as a urogynecologist who has devoted his/her practice to pelvic and intimate help to find the best solution for you.  Doctor Pezzella says that there is not a once size fits all approach.  “Don’t wait and start living your life to the fullest,” she says, “regain your confidence!”

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