The hidden benefits of Service Dogs in the classroom

Tyler Ryan speaks with Pace Academy's Debbie Bond about her service dog, and the impact on the students in her class

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Service dogs are increasingly being used for a myriad of purposes, from the traditional seeing eye dogs, to dogs that provide mental heath, and even dogs that can alert a medial emergency before you may even know you have one.

This is the case with Apollo, Debbie Bond’s service dog.  Bond says that she has two immune disorders, which create the building up lactic acid and going into sepsis, along with going into sever ketodosis.  Apollo, at 6 months, started task training to detect the smells of those two conditions, and alerting her.

After more training, including public access training, and behavior training when eating out, staying at hotels, and even taking in a movie, Apollo truly is a life saving member of her family.

Apollo is also a favorite for kids.  Bond, who is a teacher at the Pace Academy brings the little guy to school each day.  She says that the Palmetto Achievement Center for Excellence (PACE) is a free Charter School in the Midlands for Students with Dyslexia and other Language Disabilities.  Bond points out that he is the “star of this school” of 192 students.  During class time, Apollo stays on his bed, ever on duty, in his mission of monitoring Bond, but between classes and after school, the kids get to enjoy the benefits of having a playful pup roaming the halls.

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