The American Dream: Offerpad offers a new model in the home selling process

Tyler Ryan learns more about Offerpad, and their unique process for helping to sell your home

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – The real estate market in the Midlands, South Carolina, and the majority of the country continues to churn at levels not recently seen.  Many would be homebuyers are having problems finding their dream homes because of low inventory, where sellers are enjoying high values and quick sales.

Although it is pretty great to be able to list your house, and have a top dollar offer within days or even hours, there are, however, frustrations that sellers are finding.  One of the biggest is once your house sold, where do you go while you take on the daunting task of finding your next dream home?  Closing can happen in a matter of a few weeks, and sellers often don’t want to risk the buyer walking away, leaving the timeline out of their hands, and a stay in a hotel or…in-laws…a reality.

You may have seen television ads, social media posts, and even billboards talking about a company called Offerpad.  Founded in 2015, Offerpad has a unique opportunity for sellers, that according to National Director Kyle Rush, makes the process easy and a lot less stressful.  Rush says that Offerpad will do just that, make a cash offer on your current home, without a timeline to sell.  Rush says that Offerpad’s website  is easy to navigate, and can give a home owner a competitive “no obligation cash offer in three minutes,” which allows a potential seller to make an informed decision about how much the house would sell for.  Rush points out that this allows a home owner to set their own close date and move date, so that it can coincide with their next home.

Rush says that Offerpad also blends into the current real estate market here in the Midlands, working with traditional agents, lenders, home builders, and other parties involved in the home buying – or selling – process.  “We even pay a referral fee to real estate agents,” he says.

You can learn more about Offerpad and decide if it is a solution for you by visiting their website,



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