Prisma Health on COVID-19 Vaccination deadlines for Christmas

Prisma Health shares what you need to know to be fully vaccinated before Christmas

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)–Health experts are urging anyone who is not vaccinated to get that shot now, so you can be fully vaccinated by Christmas.

Prisma Health says both Pfizer and Moderna require three weeks between your first shot and your second shot. Doctors also say full immunity does not occur until two weeks after the second shot.

Doctors say in order to prevent another holiday surge, anyone who wants to be fully vaccinated by the Christmas holiday, must get their first shot on or before November 20. They would then get their second shot on or before December 11.

Doctor Helmut Albrecht says last year’s holiday surge is a painful reminder of what it’s like for those who are unvaccinated to gather. 

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