Happy Mother’s Day

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – ABC Columbia News is showing thanks and appreciation to all mothers for their love, support, and at many times their patience. For some people Mother’s Day is a day of remembrance for the mothers who are no longer alive. On this day many families gathered at the Lincoln Cemetery to pay their respects. 

Every year on Mother’s Day, Demetrius Ivery-Middleton and her family visit Lincoln Cemetery to lay flowers on her grandmother’s grave. 

“Just to pay homage because I gave her flowers when she was living and I’ll just continue the tradition when she is gone,” says Demetrius.

A tradition also carried out by other families. Many flowers scattered throughout the cemetery today serving as a reminder that a mother’s love will bloom wherever planted.

“Mothers, I believe are a gift from God. I think that He gave us mothers so that we can have a guide through life,” says Demetrius. “All her lessons and everything that she taught we got it, we’ve taken it with us, we’re going to pass it on to the next generation.” 

For those who are able to do so be sure to hug your mother on this day and tell her how much she means to you.


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