The Blythewood Minors bring the bling back to the Palmetto State

Tyler Ryan meets the coaches and players of the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series Champions

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – What does 172 runs, 175 hits, 130 RBI’s, and an outscoring of opponents 172-29 have in common?  They are the stats of the 2022 Dixie Baseball World Champions, The Blythewood Minors.

Marshall Dinkins, Head Coach of the team, made up of grade schoolers, says that this victory was a long time in coming.  ” We’ve been trying this for years, and even for some of us who tried it when we were kids, it is a big accomplishment.”  Many of the players, who are now 5th and 6th graders, started their journey when they were about seven years old, so with five and six years of hard work behind them, and have honed their skills.

Along with the trophies and accolades of winning the championship, beating Alabama 10-3, each player earns a championship ring rivaling that of the ones that Tom Brady picks up year after year.

Coach Dinkins points out that it wasn’t an easy ride for the Team,  noting several obstacles popping up seemingly at ever turn.  He says that their starting catcher, in the first inning of the state tournament, got a stomach bug, and cost him three games.  Then there was the Center Fielder who took a ball to the lip days before the world series.  The original hotel in Fayetteville, the location of the series, was not in the best part of town, highlighted by a shooting minutes prior to the coaches arrival.

In the first inning of the World Series, the starting First Baseman was hit in the face by a fastball while at bat, suffering a broken nose, and was out for the series.  Then the starting Center Fielder got food poising the following day, and missed three games.  Even in the championship game, that they went on to win, the starting Short Stop, while at bat, was hit directly in his throwing hand.

The Coaches all give the credit to the players, who they say “do it on their own,” leaving the coaches to simply “direct.”


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