Midlands Cares: Breast Cancer Awareness

Tyler Ryan learns about breast cancer, including the causes and treatments

ELGIN SC (WOLO) — Impacting 1 in 8 women in their lifetime, breast cancer  is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells, which occurs as a result of changes in the genes responsible for keeping cells healthy.  According to MUSC Health Mammography Coordinator Wanda Malliniski, breast cancer invades the breast and at some point, it will metastasize meaning that will leave the breaths and invade other tissues ultimately, leads to death, if not treated.

As with many cancers, a lot of research is done every year as to what may cause the development of breast cancer.  Malliski says that “We think now that a patient’s diet has something to do with it. Lack of exercise, obesity. We know that back it back some years ago, we found out that hormone replacement therapy in some cases, causes breast cancer or with feed breast cancer. We know that genetics. Now genetics, surprisingly, is a lot smaller amount and people think, but it can be any of these things. And all of these things.”

October is breast cancer awareness month, and to that end, the message of regular checkups are paramount.  Milliski points out that survival rates can be as high as 99% if it is found early, but that comes with doing more than simply a self-exam.  She says that it is difficult to detect a two or three millimeter lump, but it can be discovered with an ultrasound.  “Testing should be done annually,” Milliski says, “after forty years of age.”

You can learn more about breast cancer, including screening and treatments HERE.


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