“Black is a Rainbow Color” removed from school libraries, pending review


A children’s book has been removed from libraries in Lexington-Richland School District Five following a formal challenge.

The book being questioned is called “Black Is A Rainbow Color,” written by Angela Joy.

According to Joy, “Black Is A Rainbow Color” is about a little girl exploring her neighborhood as she learns about Black history and Black culture.

Joy says she wrote the book for her own children, who she says were having trouble making a connection between black as a literal color and Black as a culture. She wanted to help bridge the two by celebrating Black culture and history.

A district spokesperson for Lexington-Richland School District Five released the following statement after the book was formally challenged saying, “School District Five has received a formal book challenge and is following its Board Policy KEC Library/Media Center Materials Selection and Reconsideration Process, which is based on the State Model Policy. The book in question has been removed from all School District Five media centers and classroom libraries pending review. School District Five is in the process of convening the review committee and will issue a determination within 30 business days as required by policy KEC.”

The district has not released a reason as to why the book was challenged.

Joy says she hopes the book will serve as a mirror for Black and Brown children and a window for children of other races.

“When a Brown boy or girl picks up the book and they see that mirror, they see a child that looks like them that lives in a community that might look like their community, that has the same heroes, that has some of the same food appreciation, they see themselves and they feel valued. There is something that every race, every gender, can identify with. And that’s the despair at not being seen,” says Joy.

Joy’s most recent book is called “Choosing Brave,” a book about Emmitt Till and his mother Mamie Till-Mobley.

Joy is also currently writing a book about Prince, the musician.

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