“Reverse trick-or-treating” at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital brings candy to the kids


Halloween night is usually a fun time for kids to dress up and go trick-or-treating. But patients at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital aren’t often able to participate.

Instead, the hospital holds what they call “reverse trick-or-treating” where the candy and costumes come right to the kids.

Doctors, nurses, and other staff dress in their favorite costumes including dinosaurs, superheroes, witches, and more. They make their way through each floor of the children’s hospital, dropping candy off to children along the way.

Abby, a patient at the children’s hospital loves the event. “They give you candy and it’s awesome,” she says.

Her favorite candy? “Snickers,” says Abby.

Christy Fink, Manager of Child Life and Special Programs with Prisma Health,  says patients deserve to enjoy Halloween and just be a kid.

“What you see all around us right now is, our team members throughout the children’s hospital and even the main hospital, they show up for our kids. You can see everyone is elaborately dressed and it gets better and better every year. We get more participation every year, and we just want to make sure that our kids know that we recognize that they’re still children and this is Halloween. It’s a big deal. And so we bring it to them since they can’t go out and get it,” says Fink.

Fink also says the hospital used to have a carnival in the lobby for the kids, but came up with reverse trick-or-treating during the pandemic.

The Halloween event has been occurring for 10 years now.  “We just hope we make it a Halloween they can remember,” says Fink.

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