SCGOP Chairman, Democrat House District 75 Elect respond to Election Day wins


South Carolina GOP Chairman Drew McKissick spoke at the Republican Party’s office on Marion Street this morning about yesterday’s wins for the Republican Party.

“I mean here in SC we had the red wave, came and swept in along the coast, and went all the way to the upstate — proving yet again what we already know — that SC is a solid Republican state,” says McKissick.

According to McKissick, Governor Henry McMaster won re-election by 18 points, which he says was ten points higher than McMaster’s win four years ago.

Ellen weaver also claimed victory for South Carolina’s Superintendent of Education. McKissick says that race was won by 16 points and speaks to the strength of the Republican Party in the state.

Senator Tim Scott also won his bid for re-election.

McKissick believes Election Day results should send a message to the Democratic Party in South Carolina.

“I say it was a resounding rejection of the democrats message here in South Carolina. We’ve seen them go woke crazy nationally. And it is turning regular Americans off. They didn’t focus on the issues that were important to people. That turns people off,” McKissick says.

Democratic winner of House District 75, Heather Bauer, was able to break through the Republican Party’s stronghold on the state.

“I’m feeling like this is a great step forward for proving a point that if you try to take our rights away as women, we’re going to take your seat,” Bauer says.

This morning the South Carolina Democratic Party congratulated Bauer on her win. Her campaign focused on abortion rights, and highlighted her opponent Kirkman Finlay’s voting record in support of Bill H.5399. The bill would advance abortion restrictions.

Bauer believes her win can serve as a message for other Democratic candidates, saying, “This is a big lesson for Democrats across the state. Because I think we need to be very clear with our messaging when it comes to races. And we were very intentional, and clear, and to the point — where people were like ‘Is this all you are going to talk about, Heather?’ But we did that, because it’s the most important issue to people.”

McKissick says the SCGOP will contest Bauer’s win until the votes are certified. He also says 60 % of all ballots cast yesterday were straight ticket Republican votes.

Bauer says that while she would love to be able to focus on other issues, abortion rights will remain at the top of her list as the fight for abortion rights continue.

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