Seven-year-old twins’ lemonade business featured at Richland One schools

Malia and Faith Jeffcoat are also known as "The Lemonade Twins."


Two second-graders at Meadowfield Elementary School started their own lemonade business in 2020. Malia and Faith Jeffcoat, also known as “The Lemonade Twins” say they got their inspiration from social media.

“We just watched some girls having a lemonade business on YouTube and we asked our parents if we could have a lemonade business,” says Malia.

“The Lemonade Twins” business has taken off, offering a variety of flavors like cotton-candy, dragonfruit, peach, mango, and blueberry pomegranate.

This week, the seven-year-old twins’ lemonade is being featured around Richland One School District as schools hold Thanksgiving meals for students and their loved ones.

According to Mariah Jeffcoat, Malia and Faith’s mother, the girls also serve hot cocoa and will have some surprises for the holiday season as well.

Meadowfield Elementary School Principal Lakisha Cook says Malia and Faith have inspired everyone to dream big.

“They said earlier, Malia and Faith, that anything is possible. So having them want to even recognize that at such a young age is wonderful. It’s also inspiring to my other students, they took something as a dream that they had. It started out as a lemonade stand and now they have their own business,” Principal Cook says.

“We’ve already been a close knit family, but in business we’re just a strong unit together. And so we piggy-back on each other. We goof around, we make sure we lift each other up if we’re feeling down about anything but it’s been a blessing,” says Mariah Jeffcoat.

So far, the twins say reactions from customers have been strong.

“They’re reaction is like ‘Oh my gosh girls, this is so good! I’m gonna come back next time,” says Malia.

For young kids thinking of starting their own business, Faith says, “Stay strong, be brave. And be confident.”

Malia added, “Anything is possible, and imagine what you’re gonna have. And have fun!”

“The Lemonade Twins” sell their lemonade at Soda City on Main Street every Saturday from nine a.m. to 1 p.m.

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